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Hot melt service - Nordson - Robatech and Meler specialist

Hot Melt Service

Welcome to Hotmelt Service, the independent hot melt specialist in the field of industrial adhesive equipment. Think about servicerental and parts for NordsonRobatech and Dynatec units.

Of course, you can also contact us for hot melt service and maintenance, overhaul and troubleshooting of your Hotmelt equipment. We will make every effort to minimise production downtime or losses. This can be prevented by having preventive maintenance carried out according to a maintenance schedule, with or without a service contract. No contract with us? No problem, we just help you.

We also provide technical hot melt If this fails with sufficient results, a team of experienced technicians is on hand to rectify the fault. In case of extra production pressure, we also offer the option of renting gluing equipment, complete with accessories such as glue hoses, glue heads, controls, etc. Of course, we can also place this with the machine for you.

Precisely because of our independence, we are not out to make you switch brands. However, should this be necessary, we can advise you without any obligation. We have extensive experience in various divisions and because we cooperate with several major international suppliers in the field of Holtmelt equipment, we can provide you with everything you need.

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