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Hot melt adhesive equipment ITW Dynatec

ITW Dynatec glue equipment

Hotmeltservice is a specialist in hot-melt adhesive equipment, including the Itw Dynatec brand. Although this brand is not the most common in the Netherlands, it is important that you can get good service and spare parts, and that is something we value highly. We overhaul glue heads, glue pumps and hot melt units. Because we aim to return all equipment as original as possible, we mostly use original parts. Itw Dynatec also has fast and reliable glue heads in its programme that are Nordson compatible, and we can advise you on these as well.

If you have problems with, for example, a glue cartridge controller such as the DY2002 and the DY2008, you have also come to the right place. We can set these up for you professionally and give explanations or instructions if required. In short, Hotmeltservice for new Itw Dynatec parts and service.