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Hot melt adhesive equipment ITW Dynatec

Original hot melt nozzles from stock, robatech, UES, Nordson

Hot melt nozzles sometimes need to be replaced. If you use the right thermostable hot melts and work cleanly, nozzles can last a very long time, sometimes for years. Nozzle blockages occur mainly due to dirt in the hot melt tank and burnt hot melt. Hot melt is processed at temperatures averaging 160°C. A lower temperature is often possible, by lowering the temperature in the tank. The temperature difference that can be realised depends on the maximum hourly consumption of the adhesive installation.

Using the latest generation of polyolefin hot melts, which are much more thermostable and therefore virtually non-burning and charring, can greatly increase the service interval and extend the life of your hot melt gluing equipment.

Hotmeltservice offers virtually all nozzle types, possibly including installation service on a 24-hour service basis.

Hot melt nozzles Nordson

Hotmelt Service has a large range of hot-melt nozzles in stock. Nordson nozzles are available in various versions, such as single and multiple straight, and of course also in angled versions. Below is an overview of the most common nozzles with corresponding part numbers.

Nozzle, 1-hole straight

Nozzle, 2-hole straight

Nozzle, 1-hole angled

Nozzle, 2-hole angled

Nozzle, Spray hood

Nozzle, spray disc

Nozzle, Swirl cone

Nozzle, hand gun

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