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Hot melt adhesive equipment ITW Dynatec

Anti-slip with hot melt

For a large customer we have placed Nordson Spray heads in an existing machine. Previously, she did not use anti-slip glue there, so that the boxes were no longer stacked neatly during transport to the wrapping machine. Even after transport of the pallet in the truck, it comes out neatly aligned again. They are also satisfied at the distribution centers because no heavy bonding takes place with spraying and no hindrance is experienced during destacking.

We carried out the entire project independently so that the technical department of the relevant company could focus on their own work.

Installation consisted of placing the Nordson CF200 series of spray applicators, implementation of photocells, suspension for the photocells and applicators,Nordson Problue glue unit with glue hoses, placing a Nordson EPC15 control system including cabling and instructing both technical employees and production employees.

Anti slip system with Nordson hot melt system
Nordson applicators

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