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Hot melt adhesive equipment ITW Dynatec

Service maintenance


Even without a maintenance contract for your hot melt adhesive equipment, we are available day and night to resolve malfunctions every day. Our experienced team of Hotmelt technicians is always available for telephone support, but they are also willing to come to you directly to resolve the malfunction on the line.

Preventive maintenance

To prevent malfunctions of industrial adhesive equipment, it is usually sufficient to have your equipment cleaned once a year. Of course, there are also cases in which maintenance must be carried out several times a year, such as a heavily polluted work environment, type of glue that burns quickly, several types of glue mixed together, et cetera.

Maintenance contract

If desired, you can conclude a maintenance contract, but this is not necessary, we are always there for you, even if you have a contract with someone else. Once we have performed maintenance on you, we will automatically contact you for the next service. The interval is always determined by you.

Below some pictures of before and after cleaning.

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